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White House Backtracks On UK 'Wiretapping' Accusations

20 March, 2017, 17:51 | Author: Alberta Rodriguez
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Fox News, for its part, issued a rare public rebuke of legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, the "very talented legal mind" Trump and Spicer cited when making the claim that Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency had spied on Trump Tower after the election. A Senate aide, who requested anonymity to discuss the senators' private briefings, said Burr and Warner would not have made the statement without being fully briefed on the matter.

President Donald Trump's claim that Trump Tower was wiretapped by then-President Barack Obama is causing him a lot of headaches - and forcing him to do damage control with one of America's closest allies.

According to a Western diplomat, Spicer and Darroch had spoken by telephone on Tuesday, at which time Darroch asserted that there was no basis to the report. We signed a trade agreement with Canada and I hope that we might get into a situation here where we can reopen the talks. Rather, the nation owes it to the alliance to spend more on its own national defense.

Trump said, "At least we have something in common", apparently referring to reports during Obama's presidency that the United States bugged her phone.

"The preceding president of the United States, President [Barack] Obama, went around normal channels - the CIA, the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation - somehow got British intelligence to tap, to bug, the Republican presidential candidate in the U.S".

This claim was not based on conclusive intelligence, but, rather, on Trump's wild extrapolations from news reports he misread.

Several British outlets reported Friday that the White House apologized to the United Kingdom government, but the White House would not confirm those accounts.

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Sure, reading a report aloud from the podium at the White House and identifying it as evidence "that something was going on during the 2016 election" is a odd way to not endorse something, but I guess that's politics for you.

The British intelligence agency, which rarely comments on allegations about intelligence matters, flatly denied the claim, responding with a statement calling the allegations "nonsense".

Napolitano is a 9/11 "truther" who is skeptical that the USA government told the truth about the terror attack on the World Trade Center. Paul Ryan has also said that he's seen nothing to substantiate the allegations that President Obama spied on Trump.



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