Iran's Rouhani condemns US attack on Syria, chides Gulf Arabs

20 April, 2017, 13:52 | Author: Valerie Burke
  • The far right was angered over what it sees is an abandonment of Trump's nationalist and isolationist campaign positions

Calling its attack on the airbase a "targeted military strike", Trump claimed the airfield in Homs was where the alleged chemical gas attack originated.

"We are asking that an impartial global committee be set up in order to find out where these chemical weapons came from", stated Rouhani, whose country is one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's strongest allies.

The regional alliance said the USA cruise missile strikes on a Syrian base which Washington said was involved in a chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians would not deter their forces from "liberating" all of Syrian territory.

The Foreign Secretary was due to visit Russian Federation on Monday for talks with counterpart Sergey Lavrov, which would have been the first visit by a United Kingdom foreign secretary in more than five years.

Russian Federation insists that an air strike by the Syrian government struck an insurgent chemical warehouse and released toxic vapors into the atmosphere.

Russia's government denounced the missile strike as an act of unwarranted aggression, and denied that Assad's forces carried out the attack with the banned nerve gas sarin.

On Friday, the USA carried out missile strikes on a Syrian air base it says is suspected of storing chemical weapons. "Tonight the United States responded", he said. Is he turning on Russian Federation, one of Syria's most important patrons, after months of flirting with closer USA ties with Moscow?

It was Washington's first direct military action against Assad's government.

"There's always a transformation that takes place from a person who wins the presidency, and then once he assumes office he necessarily sees the world from a different perspective", said Edward Djerejian, a former USA ambassador to Syria and Israel who now directs Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy.

The news agency reported that during the Friday phone call, the Saudi monarch congratulated Trump for his "courageous decision".

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he was preparing further economic sanctions against Syria.

Speaking on a USA talkshow to be aired Sunday, Tillerson insisted he had no concerns about possible retaliation by Moscow as "Russians were never targeted" in the strike and said defeating the Islamic State group was the top priority for the U.S. in Syria.

"Those attacks did not reduce the regime's ability to kill civilians".

Overall congressional reaction to Trump's impulsive assault on the sovereign Syrian state has been positive on both sides of the aisle.

Within hours, Russian Federation reportedly sent its most advanced Black Sea frigate into the Eastern Mediterranean, towards the destroyers USS Ross and USS Porter.

Given that Trump's view of Syria was so similar to Obama's, his attempt to blame the latest chemical attack there on his predecessor's alleged weakness was especially dubious.

On Friday, senior US military officials were looking more closely at possible Russian involvement in the poison attack.

She told Marr: "We are not going to speculate on hypothetical scenarios and situations but what we will do is continue to provide the life saving support that is required when we see such enormous medical emergencies". "Either we will strike targets that threaten the stability of the regime -- something the President says he does not intend to do -- or we will execute a strike so narrow as to be a mere demonstration".

Syria's Foreign Ministry said on Friday the Khan Sheikhoun chemical incident was a "premeditated action that aimed to justify the launching of a United States attack on the Syrian Army". Both countries belong to the US -led coalition fighting ISIL militants in Syria.

Sen. Marco Rubio, who called Trump's actions "the right move" in an interview with CNN on Friday, said of Obama's proposal in 2013, "While I have long argued forcefully for engagement in empowering the Syrian people, I have never supported the use of US military force in the conflict". "We haven't had one for six years during the Obama administration, and 400,000 civilians have died and millions of people have been displaced internally and externally in Europe and elsewhere".

Trump has "maybe not had the experiences of those of us who have seen these people in refugee camps, have seen what this monster [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad has done in torturing people, and I think this was a clarifying moment for him".

Trump spent Friday in Florida, in private meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping. US officials noted that the timing of the strike had the possible added benefit of signaling to China that Trump is willing to make good on his threat to act alone to stop North Korea's nuclear pursuits if Beijing doesn't exert more pressure on Pyongyang.

Trump's wariness on Syria had been like President Barack Obama's: He said repeatedly, over the past six years and during the campaign, that he opposed more headlong USA military actions in quests that might be morally urgent but strategically fuzzy.

Trump's decision to strike Syria won widespread praise from other nations. But she maintained that the president would not be afraid to act in the future.



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