You can now buy the brains behind Amazon's Alexa

20 April, 2017, 13:55 | Author: Oscar Goodwin
  • Doug Yeum general manager at Amazon Web Service Korea speaks during the AWS Summit 2017 in Seoul

Astro Malaysia and its group of companies have signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its affiliates to use AWS cloud computing services and leverage AWS Professional Services for its group-wide digital and business transformation.

Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at made a number of announcements from the stage during his opening keynote.

Amazon Lex was introduced previous year at the AWS re:Invent 2016 conference in Las Vegas along with AI services Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Polly.

There weren't 1,000 new tools introduced April 19, but it nearly felt like it.

That investment goes into building robust cloud capabilities both for the very advanced developers who are creating new models of artificial intelligence, as well as for more advanced tools such as Lex that allow other types of software makers to create applications for customers.

"As we venture into 2017, we do so recognising our market strengths that we need to reinforce and build on, as well as the gaps that we need to aggressively address in order to be a deserving customer media brand of choice". This means that developers can build Amazon Lex conversational apps that use Lambda functions to implement business logic and retrieve data from enterprise applications and AWS Services like Amazon DynamoDB. By selecting a template, the service will provision the underlying AWS services needed for your project and application. Projects are automatically configured with appropriate IAM access policies to ensure a secure application environment.

-Running sample code to help you get up and running quickly enabling you to use your favorite IDEs, like Visual Studio, Eclipse, or any code editor that supports Git.

Amazon Lex uses the same machine learning technology as Amazon Alexa. "With the growing importance of cognitive technologies in every area of business, we were delighted to see Amazon Lex, with its Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding technologies, added to the broad portfolio of services AWS provides", said Gillian Armstrong, Insurance Technologist, Liberty Mutual. For example, if the travel date is already known, the app will skip that question and ask for the destination. These conversational apps can then be deployed on mobile devices or as bots on services such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

After paying $500 million for Portland, Oregon-based OTT services company Elemental two years ago, Amazon announced that the unit, rebranded as AWS Elemental, has booked Frontier Communications as a client.

Astro now uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to host more than 23,000 on-demand current and library titles for their connected set top boxes and OTT video streaming products.



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