Amy Schumer thanks parents for helping her stay confident

20 May, 2017, 04:27 | Author: Benny Bass
  • Kurt Russell left and Goldie Hawn at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Snatched

In desperation, Emily asks her buzzkill mother Linda (Hawn) to join her on the holiday. Everybody's friendly. They're good, ' Ben's brother explained.

Amy Schumer reveals the lengths she was prepared to go to in order to get Goldie Hawn to star with her in Snatched. What they wind up doing is sort of neutralizing the movie, making it a little less dark than a straight kidnapping caper.

Goldie Hawn attends the New York City premiere of Hollywood movie Snatched.

"That's what makes people laugh and I think when people see this movie, they'll see those moments and be like, that was just a real moment".

For her part, Hawn is saddled with a rather thankless character (she'd be a lot funnier as an off-the-rails former wild child than an uptight moaner), but she still has comic charisma to burn and one can only hope that this signifies the beginning of a proper comeback.

"It's ultimately about fear", says comedian Amy Schumer, tackling the thorny issue of why a woman, playing a man, would be so disturbing to one of the most powerful men in the world. If "Snatched" is any indication, then she is ready to return.

Still, Hawn has obviously pushed for more roles for women, starring in female-driven films like 1992's Death Becomes Her and 1996's The First Wives Clubs.

It's all a bit forced and frantic and the relationship between Schumer and Hawn doesn't really spark but there are enough good lines to keep it entertaining.

Director Jonathan Levine has made a film so hacked together and boring for Schumer that it makes you cry out for a below average Melissa McCarthy vehicle-where have you gone "Identity Thief" or "The Boss"? However, the character arc for Emily is getting to a place where we might find her likable and she warrants her mother's unconditional love.

In all, "Snatched" is simply not amusing, and ultimately feels tiresome and boring, and offensive, although not inclusively offensive.

The problem with Snatched is that a scenario of two women being kidnapped is about as unfunny as you can get for starters, and writer Katie Dippold (who co-wrote the bad Ghostbusters reboot) doesn't come up with a series of events that feels original. There is one sequence which thankfully isn't available online, but whether or not you think it's worth the price of admission is up to you. Yet the imagination does result in some laughs and Schumer again deserves credit for physical comedy. "And after everything this year, like, that's what you're talking about? OK". Ruth talks a blue streak about the threat of abduction while Barb says nothing, because her tongue has been cut out. Stronger comeback material for Hawn would be nice too.



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