Nasa spot 75000-mile-wide HOLE on the sun

14 July, 2017, 04:10 | Author: Oscar Goodwin
  • The Sun's magnetic poles flip every 11 years in a cycle determined by its rotation rate and luminosity like other┬ánearby solar-type stars

The sunspot, called AR2665, is big enough to be seen from Earth and has been monitored by Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory over the last week.

The American space agency's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the imagery between 5th and 11th of July. It is now the only visible sunspot on the surface of the sun.

The huge sunspot identified as AR2665 is as of now 19 times larger than Earth and it could be developing at a disturbing rate.

Sunspots can be described as patches on Sun's surface that are somewhat darker than their surroundings because of loss of surface tension caused by magnetic flux, a strong concentration of intricate magnetic fields.

Our closest star is heading toward solar minimum (a low point for activity during its normal 11-year cycle), but that didn't stop the sun from showing off a spectacular sunspot. This gorgeous new video from NASA will do that in about five second, so sit back, relax, and watch a sunspot make our entire planet look like nothing more than a small dot of nothingness. They can cause electromagnetic disturbances on the earth - and interfere with radio communication and power grids.

This sunspot appeared after two days of a spot-free solar surface.

They can also create visible auroras (which are associated with the way the particles meet Earth's atmosphere).



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