Insurers do not like Ted Cruz's health care plan

17 July, 2017, 22:51 | Author: Oscar Goodwin
  • Uneven Playing Field: Applying Different Rules to Competing Health Plans

Secretary Tom Price says it's perplexing insurers criticized Senator Ted Cruz's amendment. Since insurance companies were barred from turning anyone away because of a preexisting health problem, there was seemingly no need for high-risk pools anymore, and states wound them down.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 1.5 million people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, HIV/AID and substance-use disorders would face higher premiums under the Cruz/Lee amendment. "There will be virtually no real insurance for them". The markets functioning under Obama-era rules "turn into expensive high-risk pools". This PolitiFact Sheet will help explain. In New York, regulators already have a name for them: insurance fraud. If your business is dependent on cooperation from people who publicly celebrate every time a firm quits the market, you may have some reservations about staying in the market.

The insurance industry says the Cruz-Lee approach is bad policy.

The Association of Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the leading industry group, warned in a policy brief of a fractured, unstable market, with skyrocketing premiums for the people most in need of care. Allowing individuals to pay premiums from tax-sheltered accounts may create incentives for employers to stop offering coverage, say some independent analysts.

Matthew Fiedler, a fellow at Brookings Institute's Center for Health Policy, confirmed this double-dipping to TPM. While it extended coverage to millions of people, for many the coverage was not so affordable. But low-income people may not be able to afford coverage, along with older and sicker adults. The new draft is not expected to make major changes in the cuts. "It would allow insurers to reintroduce innovative products, which Obamacare effectively outlawed, that would reduce premiums a further 80 percent". The tribes say that with their proposal to build a casino in East Windsor to intercept Springfield gambling traffic, they want to save jobs for CT and revenue for state government.

Specified disease insurance provides supplemental coverage on top of an existing health care policy. Almost all of this population earns more than 350 percent above the federal poverty level - the cutoff point in the Senate bill for receiving federal subsidies to help purchase marketplace coverage.

There is uncertainty, though, as to what the states will do if the Senate bill becomes law. We will only accept the BCRA with the Cruz-Lee amendment or the 2015 repeal bill.

State government has more options than the "interceptor" casino. It keeps guaranteed insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, a concession to political reality.

"Supporting this amendment should be a no-brainer", McIntosh said in a statement. More government mandates and additional taxes and regulation are not.

"The path we've taken has made it very hard if not unacceptable to allow blatant abuse of people with pre-existing conditions", Antos said. Under current law - the 2010 overhaul passed by former President Barack Obama - insurers can not turn away people with medical problems or charge them more, and policies have to provide comprehensive benefits. McIntosh said, "I think that this is a must do for Senate Republicans, you know it was painful getting it through the House but I think for the entire Senate Republican conference, it's a must do, failure is not an option".

"The Affordable Care Act has many interconnected parts", Hoffman said.

"It is simply unworkable in any form", the letter said. "It's adverse selection", she said.

Congressional Republicans have just produced their latest version of Trumpcare.



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