Charlottesville Victim's Mother Says She Will Not Take Trump's Calls

21 August, 2017, 13:16 | Author: Valerie Burke

Instead of burning crosses, they carried torches. "As security forces hunted the van's driver, who was seen escaping on foot, six people and a police officer were run down by a vehicle in a separate attack eight hours later in Cambrils, a town south of the city". Tear down more statues. Gwen Moore, of Milwaukee, and Mark Pocan, of Black Earth - have raised the idea of Trump being removed from office.

DEBBIE HIOTT: Why do headlines focus on racism? That would have been horrifying enough.

"We're at a point where there needs to be radical changes [that] take place at the White House itself".

He said the city must respond "by denying the Nazis and the KKK and the so-called alt-right the twisted totem they seek".

"The President of the United States just went on TV & defended people attending a white supremacist rally of neoNazis & klansmen".

The protests come as communities across the USA mull over the removal of Confederate monuments from public parks and buildings as a counterprotest to the "Unite the Right" white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, where violent clashes and an attack on counterprotesters left one person dead and dozens injured. Trump's insistence that "both sides" bear responsibility for the violence has sparked anger among many Americans. An Ohio man, James Alex Fields Jr, has been arrested and charged with murder and other offences.

Two Virginia state troopers died in the crash of their helicopter, which was used to video the rally, before being diverted to the governor's motorcade. "I would love to see my Republican colleagues speak out more boldly", he said. Then he appeared to revive a grisly, debunked tale about a USA general's brutal killing of Muslims.

If there's one message that communities of color have for President Donald Trump, it's that what doesn't break them makes them stronger.

JUAN CASTILLO: Trump calls out evil - but was the damage already done? . "Do you call that terrorism, sir?"

There's evidence to suggest the events in Charlottesville have motivated numerous individuals to join or actively reengage in dark web white supremacist forums. Trump tried to put the racists and the counter-demonstrators on the same moral plane.

Speaking on ABC's Good Morning America, she said she will not talk to the president after a news conference in which Mr Trump equated violence by white supremacists at the rally with violence by those protesting against it.

"The name of the game for him is to not say anything that's going to alienate people on the far right, who are a lot of his voters", said Anthony DiMaggio, a professor of political science at Lehigh University.

Politicians in Germany expressed shock at the images of people in Charlottesville carrying swastikas and chanting anti-Jewish slurs. Neither criticized the president's insistence that there were "very fine people on both sides" of a violent weekend clash between white supremacists and counterdemonstrators.

Only 32 percent support the Republican plan to replace Obamacare, and fully 66 percent reject any attempt to cut Medicaid, which candidate Trump said repeatedly that he would not do, but the House Republican health care plan would do. Trump didn't invent racism or bigotry, but he is certainly exploiting them.

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For Congressional Republicans, much depends on their ability to regroup after their health care disaster and enact high-profile legislation that average Americans actually like. For the benefit of the country, it is time for Congress to repudiate this president and officially censure him. For instance, Color of Change said it is maintaining multiple campaigns, including a demand that companies like PayPal cut off white supremacist groups that raise money through their services.



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