Bill Clinton thriller novel being adapted for TV by Showtime

23 September, 2017, 05:56 | Author: Benny Bass
  • Bill Clinton

The President Is Missing, which is a real novel actually written by former President of the United States Bill Clinton and bestselling mystery novelist James Patterson, is now also going to be a show on television. (In 2003 Jimmy Carter wrote "The Hornet's Nest", a novel set in the Revolutionary War.) A spokeswoman for Showtime said that the deal came together with assistance from CBS's chief executive, Leslie Moonves. Showtime is now developing the book, which is Clinton's first novel, into a drama TV series.

Showtime announced the deal today, ahead of the book's publication next June. "The pairing of President Clinton with fiction's most gripping storyteller promises a kinetic experience, one that the book world has salivated over for months and that now will dovetail perfectly into a politically relevant, character-based action series for our network". Patterson's Zoo is the basis for CBS's summer series starring James Wolk. "Though fictional, the story brings to life the pressures and realities of the most important position in the world. a gripping tale of power and betrayal, with a unique perspective on the pressures and stakes faced by a sitting president".

Honestly, whether it's good, bad or plain mediocre, depicting the American presidency onscreen brings about a certain brand of drama that many enjoy tapping into. CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves, who has always been a close to Clinton and has shepherded several of Patterson's projects to CBS, personally helped the power duo seal the deal.

Clinton's The President Is Missing, co-authored with prolific thriller writer James Patterson, will follow the sudden disappearance of a sitting USA president and will draw on Clinton's knowledge of holding the office. "Rich storytelling opportunities for this series abound".

But Showtime is trying to bring us back to those days with a new TV adaptation of a forthcoming novel called The President is Missing.

Many on Twitter were disappointed to learn the president wasn't really missing, and others joked about former presidents' past exploits.



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