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The Amazon Echo just got a lot smarter

12 October, 2017, 02:13 | Author: Nadine Todd
  • Amazon Echo Show

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa gets a cool new trick this week - the ability to recognize your voice.

Starting today, you'll be able to train Alexa to recognize your voice.

Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) now has voice recognition that can allow an Echo device to differentiate between members of a household. The search engine giant cited poor app implementation on Amazon's part and a "broken user experience" as their primary motivations behind the move but with the company reportedly developing their own Show competitor (codenamed "Manhattan"), there could be more to the story. Alexa will automatically choose the right library when you ask her to play music or play a station. Despite this, Alexa is just now learning how to tell different voices apart from one another.

When Google Home launched, Amazon's Alexa platform had a massive headstart in several areas. Getting started is similar to setting up Google Assistant or Siri on a phone. In this case, Google got there first, introducing voice recognition for the Google Home smart speaker this past April.

"Today the feature is available for calling/messaging, flash briefing, shopping, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, and it'll be rolling out to additional Alexa features in the future". For instance, if I tell Alexa simply to "play music", she'll start playing songs based on my preferences.

When shopping, voice recognition will make it easier to make secure purchases.



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