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Hands on with the Fall Update for Xbox One

17 October, 2017, 19:39 | Author: Nadine Todd
  • Xbox One

However, if you own a switch things are also looking opaque for it as of now because Niantic is getting the final update ready some bug fixing and finishing up last minute touches; which are remaining before it gets released later after the X box does.

Opening the Guide during an active party or broadcast will now also automatically launch the party or broadcast section to gain access to controls faster.

Blocks can be games, friends, or Xbox services.

With the enhanced notification system, when your Xbox One is idle, time-sensitive activities and status are visible from far away. And, if you don't have an external HDD handy, you'll be able to do it via a network transfer when you have both machines connected. Just unplug the drive from your current console, plug it in to your new one, and you're ready to go.

This includes the ability to transfer games to an external hard drive and plug it straight into the new console.

A Bulk Transfer option will let you choose as much or as little as you want to copy.

On Monday, Microsoft revealed 2017 update for the Xbox One with some changes and additions to the gaming platform.

The Mixer tab now has previews so you can see more before joining.

You can easily discover Xbox One X Enhanced titles in the Store, and developers can optimize game delivery by making sure that 4K assets are installed only for Xbox One X. Once you start a Broadcast, a new flyout will appear that includes your profile stats. And you also have new game rules as well. You can also download 4K content for existing games on an Xbox One, so you will hit the ground running after launching the Xbox One X. GameDVR has been updated to support more than 4K/HDR screenshots and game clips.

Right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are now available.

As for less Xbox One X centric changes, perhaps the most important one is that the Games & Apps buttons is now finally front and centre. You can back up your settings, games, and apps to an external drive, or transfer them over the network to your Xbox One X when it arrives.



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