Fired Dallas County prosecutor apologizes over Uber flap

14 November, 2017, 23:25 | Author: Valerie Burke
  • Dallas Prosecutor Fired After Uber Driver Says She Hit and Threatened Him, Called Him a “Retard”

The Dallas County District Attorney made a decision to fire Jody Warner, 32, who had been assigned to the crimes against children division, after media reports featuring an audio recording captured highlighted Warner's alleged abuse of an Uber driver who picked her up from an East Dallas pub.

District Attorney Faith Johnson on Monday fired Warner, saying such behavior violated the integrity of the office.

Texas lawyer Jody Warner, 32, was given the boot after being caught on tape berating an Uber driver who picked her up at a pub in Dallas. Platt finally stopped his vehicle and ordered Warner out; when she refused, he called police.

"She actually hit me", Platt recalled during an interview with ABC News. "I just want to go home".

During the ride, Warner, who was apparently in an inebriated state, reportedly struck and hurled insults at Platt after he asked her to clarify directions to her residence. "I appreciate being given the opportunity to give my side". "But I didn't call the cops". "I was in an uncomfortable situation", she said.

But he ended the ride on the Uber app as Warner threatened that he was "never going to work again" and that she "knows people". Platt is heard calmly asking her several times to leave his auto.

The announcement follows an earlier declaration by the District Attorney's Office that it was investigating the incident, part of which had been recorded.

"Oh my God, you're going to regret this so much", a female passenger is heard saying on the recording obtained by the newspaper.

"Take me home, dude". "Then the cop said, 'You good?' and I said 'I guess so.' I should've said, 'No, I'm not good.' It was intimidating".

"Jesus Christ, you're a f--ing idiot in a stupid f--ing hat".

Platt could be heard asking his passenger to leave the vehicle but she remained inside, getting more agitated. What a joke... Oh my god, you're an idiot. "You are a legitimate (expletive)", Warner said in the recording.

The Dallas Morning News reported that, in an interview, the Uber driver alleged that Warner "slapped his shoulder and repeatedly berated him", and added that Warner could not be reached for comment.

"I cringe whenever I hear or think about the things that I said that night".

"It's not kidnapping, ma'am". "You're kidnapping me. You're committing a third-to-first degree felony". "I'm pretty sure that had a destination... you're holding me here".

Platt says Warner's behavior escalated to verbal and even physical abuse. "I don't know who that gentleman is and no one deserves to be spoken that way", Pratt said. Either drop me off at my house or wait for the cops.

He reported the incident to Uber, anxious that his passenger would follow through with her threats, and said he only wanted an apology from Warner for "belittling" him and "way worse". People endorsed her for skills including litigation, legal research, and courts. Warner's Facebook page has been deleted. Overnight, Warner denied she ever hit Platt. He told the Dallas Morning News that Warner told him to deviate from the directions his Global Positioning System gave for her home, and he got lost.



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