Sen. Rand Paul returns to Washington

14 November, 2017, 15:36 | Author: Valerie Burke
  • Rand Paul to return to Senate for first time since attack

As we reported previously, the GOP lawmaker described the attack, which allegedly involved the neighbor, Rene Boucher, 59, tackling Paul from behind, as "an unfortunate event". Citing neighbors and local Republicans, The New York Times says that Paul "has long stood out in the well-to-do gated neighborhood", handling his yard according to his own ideas - the Times mentions pumpkins and compost - rather than following neighborhood rules.

The Republican senator cast votes on Monday and was greeted by Senate colleagues.

Boucher appeared in court last week where he spoke only to confirm his name as a plea of not guilty to a charge of misdemeanor assault was entered.

Sen. Rand Paul has returned to Capitol Hill following an attack at his Kentucky home that left him with six broken ribs. Brian Schatz of Hawaii.

The violent scuffle occurred November 3 at Paul's Bowling Green, Kentucky, home while he was doing yard work.

US Senator Rand Paul has announced that he was returning to work in Washington following several days of resting after he suffered from broken ribs in an altercation with a neighbour earlier in the month. In a statement put out on Twitter, Paul said that he's still in a "good deal of pain", but would be coming back to work on Monday in spite of this.

Paul also knocked down media reports that the attack was the culmination of a landscaping feud between the two neighbors, telling the Examiner that he hadn't spoken to Boucher in 10 years.

The charge is considered a misdemeanor, but it could come in addition to more serious charges if Kentucky police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are investigating the incident, find that the attack had a political motive and decide to present formal charges against Boucher. Robert Porter, Paul's close friend of 20 years, said the senator had gotten off his riding lawn mower to remove a limb when he was tackled from behind.



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