Faster Firefox Quantum browser is now available

15 November, 2017, 02:10 | Author: Oscar Goodwin
  • Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome: Download For Windows, Mac, Linux

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer won a five-year contract with Mozilla in 2014 when Firefox and Google's Chrome browser were battling for users. The result: a significant speed increase.

According to Mozilla's benchmark tests, Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox 52. But it lost momentum as Google Chrome, which is the leading USA browser on desktops, gained new users.

The name Quantum was originally the developers code name for all of the UI work, but as time progressed they realized that what they were working on was going to be a totally new product and thus needed a new name. Mozilla has also fixed hundreds of issues related to Firefox slowness in the past several months, adding to the feeling of a faster browser. Quantum performance Firefox 57 is the first public release to include "Project Quantum". The organization claims that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox from six months ago, built with brand-new technology running native 64-bit, all while using 30 percent less RAM than the competition (read: Chrome). This will be the case if you are located in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and also Hong Kong. Of course the company can't steal from itself, which means Mozilla tried to do a quick joke whilst announcing their new web browser.

Chrome's US market share has since doubled to about 60 percent, according to data from analytics provider StatCounter, with Mozilla, Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp browsers capturing the rest. According to those news reports, Mozilla would still be due money, perhaps more than $1 billion although the amount was unclear, for the remaining two years of the contract. The goal is to make Firefox the fastest and smoothest browser for PCs and mobile devices - the company has previously promised that users can expect "some big jumps in capability and performance" through the end of the year.

Business users will be able to share screenshots directly from Firefox, instead of having to save and then locate an image file before sharing. The Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play and the iOS version (which is usually updated separately from the other platforms) should eventually arrive on Apple's App Store.

What are your views on Firefox Quantum? "It's a futile effort".

The new version is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows users. It took a year for Firefox to finish the undertaking.



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