Latrelle Lee Expelled by Tennessee State After Video Showed Him Punching Coach

15 November, 2017, 03:55 | Author: Eloise Marshall
  • TSU Football Player Expelled After Violent Incident During Game

The Tennessee State defensive end punched his team's strength coach, T.J. Greenstone, in the head Saturday, knocking him out with a pair of blows during the team's Ohio Valley Conference game against Southeast Missouri.

Greenstone, a former Vanderbilt football player, fell to the ground after being punched. Lee was immediately dismissed from the sideline by head coach Rod Reed for improper misconduct and was later expelled from both the team and the university. He did not play in Saturday's game, according to a report from The Tennessean.

Before the getting duffed in the face, Greenstone told Lee to back away from the sideline.

Now, Nashville's Newschannel 5 has learned that, as of Monday morning, Latrelle Lee is no longer enrolled at Tennessee State.

TSU athletic director Teresa Phillips said in a statement, "We, of course, do not condone any act of violence within our department and are very disturbed by the action of one of our students". Before he was expelled, Lee was in his fourth year at Tennessee State as a criminal justice major.

The Tennessean notes Greenstone is meeting with police today to decide whether he wants to press charges against Lee.



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