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This 10-year-old unlocked his mom's iPhone X using Face ID

15 November, 2017, 13:38 | Author: Nadine Todd
  • Face ID

Sharing the experience how the family, which resides at Staten Island is the southernmost of New York City, discovered a loop hole in iPhone X face ID unlock feature, said that their 10-year-old son was checking out one of the two iPhone X, one was of his father and other was of his mother but without knowing which one was of his father's phone and mother's phone.

After the mother reregistered her face under different lighting, her son was no longer able to unlock her phone.

Ammar's parents had just set up Face ID on their iPhone X when he walked in, eager to get his hands on the handset.

Face ID might be the Apple iPhone X's new secure facial recognition feature, replacing the Touch ID, but it doesn't look like the risk has paid off. That may be true for a random person, but family members obviously have a much higher chance. But it turns out that your kids can unlock it too.

The Video shows the Mother locking the phone and then unlocking with her face, passes it to her son, Mark who is 10 year old, in less than a second, the phone actually does the same. If the failed scan passed a certain threshold of resemblance, and the passcode is inputted correctly thereafter, Face ID takes another scan to correct its model in the attempt to be more accurate in the future.

Earlier, a pair of brothers posted a video of them fooling FaceID but the issue in that case proved to be the PIN – one sibling knew his brothers PIN and used it to unlock the phone a few times.

After some additional testing, Sherwani found that re-registering her face in brighter conditions prevented her son from accessing the device - but that the error also returned if she registered it again in a lower light environment.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In it, Apple admits Face ID may fail with children below the age of 13 "because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed".



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