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Gingers have souls too: Here are the 2018 emoji candidates

07 December, 2017, 02:26 | Author: Nadine Todd
  • Unicode consortium announces new Emoji 11.0 Beta list – final list could be approved in January

Emoji with glyphs that face to the right or left may face either direction, according to vendor preference.

Emojis are a relatively recent phenomenon that allows us to convey our feelings and words through fun images rather than words.

And you think to yourself, "Look at how talented these enterprising young rodents are", and "I would like to celebrate this opus by recreating it using emoji", like so:.

According to Emojipedia, there are 2666 emojis in the "Unicode Standard" as of June 2017, meaning that there must be ENDLESS situations in which aesthetic confusion is created by emoji that face the wrong way. It is still not final; changes can include both additions or removals from the list. It features 130 emoji that may be brought in at some point in the next year. Many were happy to see that various hairstyles and hair colors (and bald emoji) were added as potential candidates to reflect the diversity in our world.

Some notable candidates include hot and cold faces; superheroes and supervillains; a llama, a hippopotamus, a peacock, and a parrot; a mango; a compass; and an infinity symbol. There are a couple that didn't make the final cut such as frowning pile of poo, grinning face with OK as eyes, and frowning face with question marks as eyes. A final list is expected in March, with a rollout in the second half of 2018. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

The Unicode Consortium is the body which standardises and maintains how characters such as emoji appear across differing platforms, such as on Apple's iOS and Google's Android software. A new section now outlines a ZWJ mechanism which will let the vendor switch directions of any emoji.

On the contrary, three other emoji's have been excluded in the 11.0 beta. With the new addition of the reversible technology, these new emojis are likely to take a little bit longer to implement than previous releases.



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