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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gets new versus mode for free

08 December, 2017, 08:42 | Author: Nadine Todd
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC Adds Free PvP Mode, Out Tomorrow

Ubisoft has announced that Mario + Rabbids Versus mode arrives Friday, December 8 as a free update. This new mode will allow you to square off against friends on the same console. With only three actions per turn, you'll have to plan your moves carefully, as a character who leaves his position might not be able to return before the enemy team has a chance to strike.

You'll also get to select your three-hero squad from the eight heroes already in the main game. In addition to the standard equipment, you can also pick options suited to a particular element, Such as melee attacks. This new layer of strategy will ensure you need to keep an eye on what sort of power play your opponent is trying to set up. You can stick with the all-around starter loadouts, or specialize using one of 16 unlockable variants, each with differently balanced stats and weapons.

Overall, Ubisoft says these Versus mode matches are created to pass quickly, with users having the additional option to set limits of 7 or 10 turns in addition to time limits. It's finally time to watch Mario and friends gun down their Rabbid doppelgangers.

Since launching back in August, Ubisoft's strategy crossover Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has enjoyed critical acclaim by bringing together the unlikely combination of Mario and the Rabbids, and tomorrow players will get to enjoy a whole new side of the game with a competitive edge.



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