Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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'Periyar' statue vandalised after BJP leader's controversial Facebook post

'Periyar' statue vandalised after BJP leader's controversial Facebook post

A day after, yet another incident of being brought down the statue of Lenin was reported from South Tripura's Sabroom town. Well, the BJP leaders were very quick to condone it, in fact, one from Tamil Nadu said that the statue of Periyar. As soon as I came to know about it, I deleted the post and removed the admin.

PM Modi reportedly spoke to Home Minister Rajnath Singh on incidents of statues being vandalised in Tripura as well as Tamil Nadu. The incident took place just hours after a facebook post from H Raja, a BJP leader from Tamil Nadu, warning about the same. What connection India has with Communists?

A rash of statue vandalism has broken out across the country after Lenin statues were toppled in Tripura, following the Left Front's defeat there. It was decided that the consul general would inaugurate two statues - the Mahatma and Lenin. "Today it is Lenin's statue in Tripura, tomorrow it will be the statue of caste fanatic EVR Ramasamy", Raja had posted.

Periyar, who believed that faith and faith-based discrimination was fundamental to all sort of inequality, opposed Hinduism which had enriched social discrimination and started Self Respect Movement aiming the removal of social injustice.

BJP national president Amit Shah expressed disapproval of the incidents including H Raja's remarks and stated that the party was committed to openness and inclusivity in its politics which would benefit the country. "Lenin brought huge revolution in 1917 for poor". "We strongly condemn vandalisation of statute of Thanthai Periyar by BJP members", read the placards held by AIADMK members.

Here too, the mob violence seems to have official approval.

Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy, however, defended the perpetrators on his personal Twitter account: "Fundamental questions coming up". It's noteworthy, however, that a new government has yet to be installed in Tripura. What if the government similarly decides to remove Lenin's statue, rename Lenin Sarani? "Trying to blow them up to something like rioting or murder is unwarranted".

BJP youth wing's vice-president S.G. Suryah also made similar observations. "Can't wait for the fall of EV Ramasamy statues in Tamil Nadu".

Sometimes, I really need to work hard to remind myself that we're actually in a democracy in the 21st century and not a fiefdom in the dark ages.

Asked if the statue will be reinstalled or another one would replace it, he only said, "At this point of time, nothing has been decided".

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