Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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Minnesota lawmaker introduces bill to ban Bachelor Arie

Minnesota lawmaker introduces bill to ban Bachelor Arie

Well, we did it. During an interview with ET on Monday, the former Bachelor slammed the way Luyendyk handled his finale, explaining that he shouldn't have proposed in the first place. Becca, Lauren and Arie will all return for one last ABC appearance on the live "Women Tell All" segment on Tuesday night. Is this really enough to redeem such a train wreck of a season?

Variety reports that the Nielsen ratings for the episode on Tuesday night remained steady compared to Monday's ratings.

Fans have been criticizing the Season 22 suitor for not only proposing to victor Becca Nufrin, only to change his mind, but also for needlessly breaking up with her on camera. When Arie shows up at Lauren's, she ecstatic.

Stempfley, a "blond beauty" who is said to bear a "startling resemblance" to Burnham, told ET that the two dated for a year and she assumed the relationship was serious, given that they lived together and she joined him for all his family holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If the newly engaged couple decides to go the traditional wedding route, Burnham admitted that she's not "picky" about the details.

Becca Kufrin is ready to find love again. She's OK with everything that's happened because she's healing.

But despite claiming to have good intentions for his now ex-fiancee, Luyendyk has received much backlash for his actions which have gone as far as the "Bachelor" being banned from the state of Minnesota - Kufrin's home state.

Arie wants everyone to know he's fine with the backlash. He deserves it. I'll play along.

"It did take some reassurance, but the fact he was willing to take that risk meant a lot to me", she said.

Becca asks Arie how long it took for him to figure out that he wanted Lauren over her, but honestly, does the answer really matter?

First up: an engagement celebration.

And in another shocking twist, Arie manages to leave this whole process smelling like a rose because how can you argue with love and heavy-handed production?

"That's not how the world works, that's not how love works", Harrison said. "They even put his name under [Eric] on flights, [so] if they need to call your name, they know to call you Eric". "Are you anxious about how people are going to react to your relationship with Lauren?" One of the most eyebrow-raising practices she reveals is that past producers allegedly kept track of when the women in the Bachelor house were on their periods to ensure they got the juiciest, most emotional soundbite possible.

Host Chris Harrington talks with with Becca Kufrin on "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose".

Fans urged the booted "Bachelor" contestant to use the money for wine, but Kufrin said instead of using the money for alcohol, she made a decision to donate the funds to Stand Up to Cancer. She's gonna meet some of the men. I don't catch his name because I'm exhausted.

Many fans of the show feel like Lauren should watch her back as Arie might end up doing the same to her.

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