Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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Irish government approves abortion referendum bill

Irish government approves abortion referendum bill

They will be asked whether or not the Eighth Amendment should be repealed and replaced with new wording to be added to the Constitution "that provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy". The matter has been considered by the Citizens' Assembly and a cross-party Oireachtas committee.

"This work has so far established that provision of free access to contraception methods, which are now limited to those with eligibility through the Primary Care Reimbursement Services, would require enabling primary legislation", said Harris.

"If this Oireachtas facilitates a referendum, I will be casting my ballot for repeal and asking others to do the same because I can not live any longer with a law that sees a woman or a girl who has been brutally raped forced to continue her pregnancy or travel to another country if she can not", he said.

Abortion for a woman who procures one for herself would not be criminalised.

"We welcome that the approach taken in this policy paper". Global Positioning System and other health practitioners will be licensed to prescribe the abortion pill.

The government proposes termination up to 12 weeks of pregnancy "without specific indication" be allowed but "a time period that is required to elapse" between the first appointment with a doctor or health practitioner.

Health Minister Simon Harris will kickstart the debate on the bill that would allow a referendum on the 8th amendment.

"Instead International Women's Day 2018 is being used as part of the government's choreography to introduce abortion on demand into Ireland".

The group, which will be campaigning for a no vote in the expected referendum, says the rights of unborn babies will be abandoned.

"Voters who support abortion in so-called limited circumstances need to know that what they hope for with repeal and what they'd get are two entirely different things".

He will describe the regime he would aim to bring in in the event of a repeal vote.

"The proposal provides for abortion for any reason in the first three months of pregnancy and up to birth on a ground of health (including mental health) that is undefined and that has led to wide-ranging abortion in countries where it has already been introduced".

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