Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

President Trump, "Drug addiction not our future"

President Trump,

President Donald Trump promised to bring down prescription drug prices on Monday, saying USA citizens pay far more than people in other countries do for the same product and that his administration would announce new measures in about a month. "We pay as a country so much more for drugs because of the drugs lobbies and other reasons, and the complexity of distribution, which is basically another term for saying, 'How do we get more money?'". We can have all the blue ribbon committees we want, but if we don't get tough on the drug dealers, we're wasting our time. "And that toughness includes the death penalty".

Trump also aired a grievance with foreign countries that he first announced prior to his inaugural sojourn to Asia: Keep foreign fentanyl out of the United States.

President Trump and Melania put their arms around each other before boarding Marine One. "They'll be jailed for 30 days, or a year, or they'll be fined".

Current law allows the death penalty for drug-related cases, usually when they involve a murder by drive-by shooting, with firearm offense or of a police officer.

Eventually, Trump wound his way back to the death penalty again, again praising other countries that execute their drug dealers. It's unclear whether those provisions are constitutional, however, following a 2008 Supreme Court decision that struck down the death penalty in cases where "the crime did not result, and was not meant to result, in the victim's death".

"The implementation of these guidelines is going extremely slow", Mendell said, noting that the policy is a relatively cheap, simple way to tackle the demand side of the drug problem by shrinking the number of people who will slide from legitimate, safe, and short-term use of painkillers into a more risky relationship with narcotics. The Department of Justice is working very, very hard on that. "But leave out the ideas that nobody - nobody is calling for that".

Trump's approval of changes to Medicare and Medicaid to require compliance with the CDC rules would mark a significant shift in medical practice. Trump said of the secretary, who was a top executive at drug-making company Eli Lilly.

The President also said he is in favor of funding the production of "bad commercials" which are aimed at scaring youth from using drugs.

David Safavian, deputy director for the American Conservative Union Foundation's Center for Criminal Justice Reform, said Trump's plan had some good parts, including focusing on addiction as a way to lower crime rates. He mentioned a proposal to develop less-addictive painkiller alternatives, referencing a proposal in his most recent budget that would funnel hundreds of millions of research dollars to the same industry that created the current crisis by pretending that their products were not likely to generate unsafe addiction cycles. And he said doctors and pharmacist who flout the law will be hunted down.

The administration often illustrates the impact of the opioid crisis using aeronautical metaphors. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was also in the audience.

Trump revealed that "our Customs and Border Protection [sic]" seized three times the amount of illicit fentanyl in 2017 than they did in 2016.

"I told China, don't send it". "And I told Mexico, 'Don't send it'".

Since then, he has taken only modest steps. In December, residents of Guangdong province gathered in a sports stadium to watch as seven drug dealers were sentenced to execution.

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