Published: Mon, March 26, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

UK Investigators Search Cambridge Analytica Offices

UK Investigators Search Cambridge Analytica Offices

The office said the inquiry would "consider how political parties and campaigns, data analytics companies and social media platforms in the United Kingdom are using and analyzing people's personal information to micro target voters".

Cambridge Analytica's office in central London.

United Kingdom authorities raided Cambridge Analytica's offices overnight amid an investigation into whether the political consulting firm illegally acquired Facebook data to target voters. Authorities in both the United States and Britain are investigating both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

"We will now need to assess and consider the evidence before deciding the next steps and coming to any conclusions", according to a statement.

It has now been a week since it became known that the British data analytics contractor, which worked with Donald Trump's presidential campaign, retained private data from 50 million Facebook users despite claiming to have deleted it.

The company's acting CEO, Alexander Tayler, wrote in a Friday statement that he was "sorry that in 2014 SCL Elections (an affiliate of Cambridge Analytica) licensed Facebook data and derivatives from a research company (GSR) that had not received consent from most respondents".

Although Cambridge Analytica has denied any such mishap on their part. Lawmakers in the USA have also called on Zuckerberg to testify about how Facebook safeguards user data.

"But it was not used in the Brexit campaign".

At 8pm, within an hour of a warrant being granted, 18 people, some in ICO jackets, began to search the...

Steve Bannon who is Tump's ex chief strategist and was also a member of the "political consultancy" team working on the Facebook data to influence 2016 elections, offers a different perspective by saying that "Facebook data is for sale all over the world".

Questions are also being raised about Cambridge Analytica's role in Britain's vote to leave the European Union in 2016.

Cambridge Analytica's parent company, Strategic Communications Laboratories, partnered with a firm, Ovleno Business Intelligence (OBI), in India which had mentioned BJP, Congress and JD (U) as its clients on its website before it was taken down earlier this week. Reuters adds that New Delhi's concerns arose when opposing Indian parties accused each other of using Cambridge Analytica services; one of the sides claimed the course of forthcoming election could be affected.

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