Published: Thu, March 29, 2018
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Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover partner on AD

Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover partner on AD

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced it will supply up to 20,000 vehicles to driverless auto outfit Waymo, the sub-brand of Google's parent firm Alphabet, in a deal believed to be worth around £1.2bn.

He added, "To serve the billion trips that occur on a typical day in the USA, they'd need about 35 million vehicles".

Waymo now tests its self-driving system on Chrysler Pacifica minivans built by Fiat Chrysler.

By testing the new vehicles on-road and capturing real-world data, Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover's engineers will be able to refine the technology and deliver optimum safety and reliability.

"We made some comments over the weekend over the situation in Arizona, and those comments suffice for now", said Krafcik. The best-selling Jaguar vehicle is its first SUV, the F-Pace. The self-driving products of the future will be designed around passengers, not drivers. According to the CEO, the company's fleet of cars has traveled more than 5 million autonomous miles on American roads across 25 different cities and 5 billion simulated miles to date.

While last week's news focused entirely on the fatal crash of a Volvo converted by Uber to autonomous operation-apparently with Volvo's safety features switched off-carmakers and other companies continue to plan for expanded test fleets and limited trials of self-driving cars.

Toyota Motor said last week it was temporarily pausing autonomous vehicle testing following the Uber crash on USA public roads to help its test drivers, who could be experiencing "an emotional effect" from the incident. On Monday, Arizona's governor suspended Uber's self-driving tests.

Waymo's planned ride-hailing service poses a potential threat to Uber and Lyft, the early leaders in that still-developing field.

Later this year Waymo says it will launch the world's first self-driving transportation service allowing members of the public to use Waymo's app to request a vehicle.

"We all have to build some trust into the technology and obviously this would be a little bit of a setback", Fay said.

The deal could give Waymo extra cachet with riders, since the Jaguar I-Pace comes from a luxury brand. The Detroit automaker wants United States regulators to approve the use of self-driving cars without human controls for use next year in ride-sharing fleets.

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