Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

BITE ME: 'Love & Basketball' star Sanaa Lathan reportedly bit Beyonce's face

BITE ME: 'Love & Basketball' star Sanaa Lathan reportedly bit Beyonce's face

The "Girls" creator was had the finger pointed at her by many fans on social media after actress Tiffany Haddish caused a stir earlier this week when she claimed an unidentified guest had bitten the "Formation" singer on the cheek at a party they attended together previous year. She bit Beyoncé in the face.

"To the paps who chased me through the airport yelling 'we need to know- did you bite Beyonce!?' A- I basically only leave home for work and ginger ale".

On Thursday Girls' Trip star Haddish went live on Instagram and indicated she had singed a Nondisclosure Agreement preventing her from giving the name.

We will likely never find out who bit Beyoncé, at least not from Tiffany Haddish.

While everyone is scrambling to figure out the identity of Queen Bey's biter, the "victim" remains cool about the incident and simply doesn't want to cause trouble for the celebrity who did bite her.

Lathan has denied she ever did such a thing and tweeted: 'Y'all are amusing.

In addition, TMZ claims that Haddish has confided to multiple people that Lathan was the culprit. Have you been working with on them their reading and their writing? "I'm going to tell you so this can all be done with". One source told the site that the bite was non-invasive, a love bite, but it caught Beyoncé off-guard.

It's been a bit of a mystery for the last week or two and everybody is dying to know who was responsible.

The story inspired a number of actresses to hilariously come forward to say that they did not bite Beyonce, and Twitter superuser Chrissy Teigen to drop a few tantalizing hints. "She seems mad and also weirdly doubtful of me..." Instead, she claimed Stormy Daniels bit Beyonce before asking fans: "Why is who bit Beyonce global news?"

Lathan denied that she did it though.

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