Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Shah Rukh Khan's Fanboy Moment With Christopher Nolan

Celebrated Hollywood director Christopher Nolan arrived in India on Friday as part of his three-day Mumbai visit. "My Fanboy moment. Inspiring to hear Mr.Nolan and Ms Tacita Dean talk of the virtues of celluloid as an artistes medium". Christopher Nolan is one of the world's most eminent film-makers who still shoots on film and is a strong proponent of saving celluloid filming. And recently Hollywood's famous director Christopher Nolan who is in India confessed to Kamal Haasan that he has watched one of Haasan's Tamil thrilling-drama film.

Work and love for cinema has brought him to the country. He felt people weren't aware of the importance of the medium and it was up to us to become advocates for film's coexistence with the digital format. Will we see that changing since we live in a digital age and social media is big, today? Nolan is accompanied by his wife, Emma Thomas, and he will be speaking about film restoration, preservation and shooting on film and not digital. The point is can you tell the difference between a film print and a digital print? "That proves how people are still interested in experiencing celluloid (films)".

"Filmmaking is full of obstacles... it is not about being logical and pragmatic... it's about magic, dreams, experiences and bracing your emotional side", Nolan said after a roundtable dialogue in Mumbai.

Christopher Nolan and Tacita Dean have been raising awareness among the global film fraternity towards the cause of saving celluloid. Film Heritage Foundation was hosting two screenings of Nolan's films - Dunkirk (2017) in 70 mm and Interstellar (2014) in 35 mm. However, if you check out his tweet, you will find that the filmmaker has literally watched Kamal Haasan's Tamil film, Paapanaasam, which is a remake of Malayalam film, Drishyam. "But the reality is that he told me a few years ago, and when I heard it I realised that it would be very hard for me to muster any enthusiasm for waking up early in the morning and going to work if there weren't a real film camera on the set".

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