Published: Tue, April 03, 2018
Medical | By Mark Scott

Maxwell Public Schools supports World Autism Awareness Day

Maxwell Public Schools supports World Autism Awareness Day

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. The Autism Society of Pakistan estimates the number of autistic children in the country is 350,000.

Agius Decelis said the aim of the council is to draft a national strategy on autism within a year and then monitor and update the strategy in the years to come.

She said exercise offers those with autism much more than just physical benefits.

In America today, 1 in 6 children have one or more developmental disability and 1 in 68 children fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.

"We used to talk of one in 10,000 with what you would call 'classic autism, ' and now we refer to Autism Spectrum Disorder". Last but not the least; parents are the most important advocates of their child. "The programme has been created as a seamless environment between teachers, parents, and caregivers so that skills can be rapidly learnt and applied in real life", says Archana to The Better India.

In some parts of Ghana, the condition is still attributed to witchcraft or a curse from the gods, with affected children and adults subjected to various forms of abuse and stereotyping.

People from all over the world are partaking in the "light it up blue" campaign.

In children symptoms can be present before three years of age, but the disorder can be diagnosed later on in a person's life. That having one Minecraft server out of millions where autistic people can feel safe simply isn't enough.

According to Dr Sally Rogers of the Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (MIND) Institute, University of California, Davis, early intervention is an important and predictive factor in mitigating the symptoms of autism, or any disability for that matter. "While recovery looks different for each family and each child, some children are actually losing their autism diagnosis through these applied interventions".

Autism is also known to be four times more prevalent in boys than in girls, a situation that is also not easily explainable. She said Autism lies between ongoing social problems (communication and interaction difficulty) and repetitive behaviours, as well as limited interest or activities, repetitive movements, or self-abusive behaviour like head banging.

If they are honest, parents would nearly always have noticed that their child is different from others, often long before they seek help. You can also use the hashtag #LightItUpBlue. All profits will go towards their efforts to help children and families with special needs.

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