Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records

Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records

In its first week, Far Cry 5 sold more than twice as much as its predecessor, Far Cry 4, making it the fastest-selling game in the series, and ranks at the company's second-highest debut of all time behind The Division. These limited time objectives are supposed to give players an added challenge while exploring Hope County and some unique rewards should they, and the community, prove successful. It's unclear why Ubisoft chose to go with these particular skins for this first live event, but they will certainly help players standout in co-op. "We are humbled by players' reception of Far Cry 5 and fired up to keep growing and supporting the Far Cry community in the months and years to come". However, you can't use Molotov Cocktails or the Flamethrower, which makes it a little tricky. If you want your kills to count in this, you'll have to use other weapons to set these animals ablaze.

The Live Events screen tracks both your personal progression and the community's progression.

Ubisoft also recorded record-breaking numbers of users engaging with Far Cry 5 content.

There's 20 animals in total to kill, and if you successfully complete the task you'll be rewarded with the prestige flamethrower, Flamebearer.

You have until Tuesday, April 10, which is when the Well Done event ends.

Shotguns with Incendiary Shells - these pack the usual punch of a shotgun, and set things on fire. They're more powerful than you'd think and it only takes a few to take down some of the stronger animals in Far Cry 5.

Cluster Bombs - some planes in the game drop cluster bombs. Here you will find information about the current event. From there, bring up the in-game menu (the one with your map, inventory, and so on) and tab over to the Online area.

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