Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Shotgun switching and guided missiles get nerfed in Fortnite patch

Shotgun switching and guided missiles get nerfed in Fortnite patch

The Port-A-Fort was revealed yesterday in a trailer from Epic Games which showcased the epic rarity grenade in action, and it's proving to be a hit for players that are in a pinch. But the headline to Battle Royale is the addition of an incredibly intuitive, new Replay feature.

"On both platforms, we expect to see fewer issues with geometry or cosmetics failing to load in time, and FPS drops during skydiving", Epic said in the update's patch notes. There's a total of four, with Bullet Storm Jonesy (New Soldier Subclass), Harvester Sarah (New Ninja Subclass), Heavy BASE Kyle, and T.E.D.D.

Included in this update is a new Replay System that will save your matches so that you can replay them after.

Next, Replay Mode, which was originally shown off at GDC 2018, is also live on PC and console (sorry mobile players), complete with "a suite of cinematic settings [that means] you can now capture your most memorable moments, highlights and cinematics".

Camera modes include a third-person with a slowly orbiting camera, drone-style camera, a gameplay camera, the ability to attach a camera to a select player, or free-roaming the map during play.

The costumes align with many aspects of Fortnite already, as Battle Royale Season 3's theme is space, while Tricera Ops appears to be in response to the popularity behind the first dinosaur themed costume: Rex. Theory, who has been with the team since its formation will apparently be replaced.

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