Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Death toll from Humboldt Broncos bus crash rises to 16

Death toll from Humboldt Broncos bus crash rises to 16

The tragedy has resonated deeply with Canadians.

People have been creative in the ways they've raised money for the cause. So we're going to send that out to the families out there to support them.

The idea actually started thousands of kilometres away from the accident, in Langley, B.C.

"Definitely, she was one of the team", he said.

"I'm just sorry for everything".

One of those hockey moms, Jennifer Pinch, explained how the idea took off when she was on Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver earlier this week. "We get entrusted with these players' lives".

"Because if her boys are playing, you know she is right there to take care of them", Katie Rosa, a high school athletic trainer from Knoxville, Tennessee, tweeted along a photo of her tribute.

Express president Mark Pettie knows all too well the risks of the road trip and the burden of responsibility sports teams have when they head to distant communities for games or tournaments.

Meanwhile, Toronto's transit authority said it was allowing employees to wear jerseys over their uniforms.

"I am wearing my Mississauga Reps jersey".

Many Twitter users praised the show of respect.

The Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team was headed to Nipawin, Sask. for a playoff game on April 6, when the team bus collided with a semi-truck at a remote intersection.

"I thought it was so sad what happened in Humboldt and eye-opening too. She was always just such a pleasure and so happy and smiling the whole time whenever she was at the rink, and you could tell she truly loved what she did".

Kennedy's classmate Sabine Therrien wore her Hillcrest softball jersey.

Jerseys were worn across the country, with many employers encouraging staff to wear jerseys.

"Being from home and knowing people who knew some of the kids intimately, like my best friend's daughter is in the same class as Xavier Labelle", Poulin said.

"Anyone here could have been on that bus".

"It really hit close to home". "And if wearing jerseys gets us thinking and talking about it, it's not a bad thing".

"Hopefully this little token of appreciation goes a long way in supporting the community there", he said.

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