Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Battlefield V Battle Royale Said to Be in The Works at DICE

Battlefield V Battle Royale Said to Be in The Works at DICE

According to a new report from VentureBeat, EA's DICE studio are now in the prototype stages of testing a battle royale mode for their upcoming Battlefield V, much to the surprise of no one.

For example, "Battlefield V" battle royale could arrive as part of a post-release content update, either delivered as a freebie for all players or contained within a paid expansion or season pass. The last one to remain standing is the victor. EA confirmed that the next Battlefield was in development in late 2017 and was slated for release in 2018, but has yet to officially announce the game or its title. Are you excited for the series to invest a popular mode like the battle royale, or would you rather DICE exclusively invest in making Battlefield V the best it can be without it?

That last bit is what makes this battle royale rumor particularly interesting. Meanwhile, Battlefield 5 is going to feature Battle Royale on top of everything that already makes Battlefield great. Whether other features, like parachuting into the area or picking up items like weapons and armor, are also included is unclear. It comes as little surprise that the two most widely known and successful FPS franchises would want to jump on the battle royale trend. Well, in their own way both games can pull it off and are going to be very different experiences. However, we are curious on what you think about this mode potentially being implemented into the newest Battlefield game. In case Black Ops 4 does come with a Battle Royale mode, it will be a small scale map with around 10 to 20 players on the map. We know that. But ads help us pay the bills.

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