Published: Sat, April 21, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Now There's an Easy Way to Create Your Own Alexa Skill

Now There's an Easy Way to Create Your Own Alexa Skill

This particular skill doesn't require you to preface it by saying, "Alexa, open such-and-such skill". Skills are organized into categories like Fun Games, Learning & Knowledge or Storytelling.

Amazon is introducing a new way to interact with Alexa through custom Alexa Skills.

Amazon is giving you a smooth start by providing a set of templates to let you create all the skills and custom question/responses.

The skills you create can be very straightforward or somewhat complex. Below, a video from Alexa developers shows how users can create a family trivia skill.

There are three sections to a template: Content, Experience, and Name.

On Thursday Amazon announced a new feature designed for its line of smart speakers.

The addition of Alexa skills to the Cleartrip platform promises to mark the diversification of its existing offerings into voice search, underlining its vision to make travel bookings simpler and more convenient for Indian users.

Call of Duty Alexa Skill now supports Call of Duty: World War II. You could have Alexa save useful bits of information ("Alexa, what's the Wi-Fi password" would save a lot of pain), or else program in jokes or quizzes to keep the rest of your household amused.

When you're ready to build, simply click the "Make Your Own" button toward the top of the blueprint page. looking to widen its lead in the smart-speaker market with a new service that will let consumers personalize the capabilities of their Alexa devices.

"The downside to this is that people who want to do illicit things could now have access, writing skills for Alexa or accessing what has been provided to the devices", warned Recon Analytics' Entner.

Before you put on your thinking hat to innovate skills and responses, it is to be understood that the ability to do so is now limited to the U.S. and for the English language. They will only appear on Alexa-powered devices that are registered to your Amazon account.

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