Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Audio: Mike Mayock Final 2018 Pre-Draft Media Conference Call

Audio: Mike Mayock Final 2018 Pre-Draft Media Conference Call

The 2018 NFL Draft is right around the corner. Wyoming's Josh Allen has been heavily linked as a possibility for the first pick, and many pundits believe Cleveland remains interested in USC's Sam Darnold. We shall find out soon enough. They need to upgrade and add depth to the unit which clearly struggled last season. I think somebody in the first round is going to make a philosophical and schematic commitment to this kid and change what they do offensively, and it might not be this year where he makes a significant move. With that being said, enjoy a draft that you "haven't" seen a thousand times over.

If the Browns selected a quarterback with their first-round picks at No. 1 and No. 4, it would be unprecedented. They traded that pick previous year as part of the deal to acquire Mahomes.

2018 draft picks (8): Rd 1 (30), Rd 2 (62), Rd 3 (94), Rd 5 (167), Rd 6 (204), *Rd 6 (213), *Rd 6 (218), Rd 7 (225). "We broke it down into three or four stages, me and (quarterbacks coach) Jordan Palmer". With center being such a key position in today's complex and dynamic offenses, don't be shocked to see Daniels taken early in the first round.

Darnold did turn the ball over far too much in college, but that should improve with natural progression at the next level. The last four, five games that I played were all really good games.

Still, knowing that every conceivable trade is on the table once the Cleveland Browns are on the clock makes for an interesting draft day. That quarterback could be Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph or Kyle Lauletta. It doesn't help that he's the most immobile of the top quarterback prospects. Webb would then be useful as a trading piece.

However, if the Giants are in love with a quarterback, which one is it? He's made the likes of Brandon Weeden, Case Keenum and others into serviceable quarterbacks. Elfein underwent offseason ankle surgery after hurting it in the NFC Championship game vs. Philadelphia. Shurmur uses players' strengths and formulates schemes to fit their abilities. NY re-signed McCown and added Teddy Bridgewater in free agency, so first-rounder won't be pressured to start right away in new coordinator Jeremy Bates' offense - but could give veterans run for starting job in training camp. A Russell Wilson type of player if you will. He has an inability to protect himself in the pocket. They know we are going to run it and we are going to do it anyway. Teams can only play one quarterback at a time, and the Browns have already stated they are starting Taylor next season.

Mayock said on a conference call that outside and inside linebacker were his two biggest needs for the Titans. Sign up for FREE here. Let's see if Maccagnan can work his magic and unearth a mid-round gem. He's really athletic, which gives me hope for his footwork.

To start things off I feel like Brett Veach has all but announced to the world that he wants to trade up and land an impact player. Players like Will Hernandez (UTEP) and Isaiah Wynn (Georgia) could be terrific value picks at No. 30.

The biggest steals in this first-round projection? The Falcons are one of the few teams in the National Football League who have reliably used a fullback over recent years, but they seemed to miss the presence of Pro Bowler Patrick DiMarco in 2017. He can be a similar player to that of Justin Pugh. At 6-foot-4, 312 pounds, Price has a solid frame and is one of the most excellent lineman at the point of attack. He should easily be able to replace Pugh on the line. "I've had a lot of good support, and I've been blessed to be in the position that I'm in now".

There are still players such as Rashaad Penny and Nick Chubb on the board at running back, but several linebackers are still in the mix as well.

A do-it-all linebacker, he had three interceptions and 8.5 tackles for loss a year ago. Remember, this guy had 22 tackles for loss and 16.5 sacks in 2016. Not "jump off the wall" stats, but there's room for improvement.

The profile added that Barkley was even asked by his manager to follow Eli Manning's example and demand that the Browns not draft him, although the 21-year-old "never considered" the option. He has short strides which aids his agility but doesn't have that next gear "breakaway speed".

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