Published: Mon, April 23, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Kanye West Eats The Red Pill From Candace Owens

Kanye West Eats The Red Pill From Candace Owens

"'I love Donald Trump.' So the challenge that we're going to take calls from the people right now, Rosenberg said do y'all even care or do you just want the music?"

This latest update amid West's Twitter-dominating return to the public eye, though not exactly shocking given his recent public praise of Candace Owens, firmly puts to rest any hope that fans-including me and everyone I now-had of West offering up an apology and explanation for his 2016 pro-Trump comments.

Trump supporter Candace Owens got a shout-out from none other than Kanye West yesterday, and this morning she appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about it and the reaction it's gotten. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures.

Upon seeing West's endorsement, Owens quickly responded: "I'm freaking out". And I won't stop fighting until all black Americans see that. In the absence of further analysis regarding a dumb celebrity getting duped by Red Pill Twitter, I turn you over to them.

But for Owens, engaging urban communities has at times meant attempting to dismantle arguments about white privilege put forward by black activists and the Democratic Party.

He followed the tweet up with another that said, "only free thinkers" and on Sunday added, "The thought police want to suppress freedom of thought".

"We have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought", the recording artist added.

Owens pushed back here as well, tagging liberal zealot Perez Hilton and actor Tom Arnold, who tweeted a vile, sexist remark about Owens. "None of you white men own my blackness", she defiantly tweeted. - Ebro debunked this theory explaining how people publically sent him well wishes, and also tried to reach out to him through Pusha T and his, wife Kim Kardashian-West.

In the end, the left proves once again just how vile they're willing to be to keep folks on the liberal plantation.

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