Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Google adds email snoozing, confidential mode and more to Gmail

Google adds email snoozing, confidential mode and more to Gmail

More than a billion people's email inboxes are changing today (April 25) with the launch of the new Gmail design.

As of now, any optimism regarding this new app is limited to Google carrying over the UX ideas incorporated here to its other software, because as mentioned above, the experience is fantastic, but the functionality and fragmentation problems leave much to be desired. As for that last feature, Google said Gmail's built-in Snooze feature can save users upwards of 100 million opens per month.

Also, please, don't open attachments from people you don't know.

You can also hover over messages to RSVP to an invite or archive an email thread or snooze an email. Yes, there is a Google Keep and its connection to the Google Calendar and Google Assistant, but it was never integrated into a standalone app that was easily accessible across all Google products. A side panel will also be added to G Suite that allows users to interact with Calendar, Tasks and Google Keep together while in Gmail. Additionally, Gmail will now warn you when a suspected spam message comes through, just like your Pixel phone does with calls.

The Tasks app itself has also been reworked. You can use Tasks to create tasks and subtasks or add due dates with notifications.

Google has also infused some smarts into Gmail, bringing its Smart Reply feature to the service so you can just tap on an automated response instead of having to type it yourself. What that means is that the email can be revoked at the expiration of a set date.

High-priority notifications for mobile users is another new feature, which can be toggled on and edited further under the Settings menu. You can now toggle on high-priority notifications, which causes Gmail to only alert you when you receive an important message and stay quiet all other times. We have highlighted many of these changes below. Consumers will be able to opt-in to the new features in a phased manner in coming weeks, according to Thacker. Not only is the UI getting a boost, making it easier to use and navigate, but Google is also bringing in new features for good measure.

Google is a massive company and tends to take a shotgun approach to many of its products. In addition, you can turn on two-factor authentication for particularly sensitive emails, which will require the recipient to enter a code sent via SMS before they can read your email.

The last new security measure is Built-in Information Rights Management, which is created to reduce the risk of email contents being shared with unauthorized persons.

Recipients of confidential mode messages won't be able to forward, copy/paste, download or print the contents.

One of the biggest changes is to the increase in security.

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