Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Gmail 'Smart Compose' is Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Gmail 'Smart Compose' is Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Today, we're announcing Smart Compose, a new feature powered by artificial intelligence, to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.

When you type a sentence in an email, lighter text to potentially complete the sentence will appear. Smart Reply was pretty simple: When you're drafting an email reply, it understands the context of the previous message and auto-suggests three quick responses you can tap at the bottom of the screen. If the recipient is using a non-Gmail client, they can click on the link to access a Gmail-hosted portal, where they can see the confidential content.

Smart Compose in Gmail is ever-so-slightly different from Smart Reply. Smart Compose takes that feature to a whole other level, though.

The first new feature comes in the form of smart suggestions in the image viewer. The feature even serves up relevant contextual phrases such as "Have a great weekend!" if you're emailing someone on a Friday. In reality, at least among those newest attributes that made it to Gmail to get iOS is now on Android for just a small while. If you're in the dead of winter, Smart Compose might suggest "stay warm out there!"

Smart Compose will begin rolling out to consumer Gmail users in the coming weeks and to professional G Suite users in the next few months.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the new feature while on stage at the Google I/O Developer Conference, showing how the AI picks up on the subject line "taco Tuesday" to help create phrases. Next, enable "experimental access".

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