Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Google Unveil AR Visual Navigation

Google Unveil AR Visual Navigation

The feature was ultimately made so that users can make "better decision on the go and experience the world in new ways". Since launch, Google has mapped over 220 countries and territories and is helping more than 1 billion Maps users.

The Maps app is adding a new "For You" tab along the bottom, which will contain news about newly-opened locations near you, a "trending" locations section, and offers and updates from your favorite businesses. Google Lens will also be incorporated into camera apps, essentially making the camera, a smart camera, capable of understanding what is front of you, such as a breed of dog, or landmark. Another new upcoming feature will rate a location based on the previous places a user entered into Maps, and give it a score out of 100. Instead you'll get curated lists of what's good based on the area or neighborhood you're looking up.

The Google I/O keynote contained a number of interesting new and improved technologies, such as new features for the Google Assistant.

The new AR view will overlay your Google Maps navigation directions over the camera view, showing directions, street names and even overlaying business names and information cards about them.

Google Maps received quite a bit of love at this year's Google I/O, with numerous new features announced said to come a little later this year.

There will be lists, like the Foodie List, that pull together data from trusted publishers, local experts, other users and Google's algorithms.

Shortlist will be a new menu that helps groups of friends find places they like to eat - by isolating and learning the eating habits of friends, shortlist will automatically create a list of popular favourites, eliminating the need of texting back and forth or spending time finding a place that everyone agrees with.

Google revealed For You at its I/O 2018 developer conference with an example that showed a recommendation for a new cafe alongside reviews and a news link related to the cafe's opening. Google has also been toying with a new animated "Guide" to help you get you where you're going.

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