Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Childish Gambino Goes Shirtless During 'SNL' Performance

Childish Gambino Goes Shirtless During 'SNL' Performance

Following his calls to "stay woke!" on his biggest hit to date, Redbone, the musician, actor, writer, director and comedian Childish Gambino - AKA Donald Glover, has doubled his efforts on his new track This Is America.

The song appeared online during his performance as host on USA sketch show Saturday Night Live. "This is America/ Police be trippin' now/ Yeah, this is America/ Guns in my area", he raps.

The artist has said is next album will be his last under his stage name. He also debuted another new song during his first set, continuing to showcase his funky aesthetic from Awaken, My Love! while demonstrating some impressive evolution.

But it was the video he released for the latter after his "SNL" performance that created a major buzz.

At one point he shoots a man in the head.

Glover's music video, directed by long-time collaborator Hiro Murai, is a visceral and metaphorical representation of violence, especially interracial violence, in America over the years.

Donald Glover had quite the weekend. He recently did an insanely cool and casual tour of the Millennium Falcon.

At the very end of the music video, Glover is running from a large group of people chasing after him. SZA also makes a cameo in the finale.

He recently released another piece of work packed with pop culture and current references - a fake script for his Deadpool animated series, which was cancelled.

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