Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Sport | By Ruben Hill

A young Jayson Tatum meeting LeBron James

A young Jayson Tatum meeting LeBron James

LeBron James tied National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan's record of scoring double digits in 866 consecutive games when the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Charlotte Hornets 118-105 on March 29. "But now I'm like, 'Geez his triple doubles are history now because of Russell Westbrook, '"McGill said. It's insane to think that any National Basketball Association team he is on is (automatically) one of the best teams in the league".

The Philadelphia 76ers have been strongly linked with a move for George or James with the idea the latter may be interested in staying in the Eastern Conference.

"If he wants a title, I believe Houston would be the best place for him to go".

Yep: that's a 14-year-old Jayson looking for a follow back from a Miami Heat-era LeBron, dangling as bait a photo of a fresh-faced young Tatum posing with the King. I knew we were in trouble in Miami. He's become one of Boston's go-to scorers and is averaging 18.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game while shooting 46 percent from the field. But nearly immediately after the game, the conversation wasn't about the shot-but about if LeBron is better than Michael Jordan. "Can we really imagine this being the last time Lebron makes the playoffs?" The dreary ending to the regular season included a pair of losses against Cleveland and one to Boston. Jordan won all his championships in Chicago; James joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in order to win his first two. You have to win right now and put (LeBron) in a position and a frame of mind where he belives he's going to win in the future.

"And what LeBron has done for, what, 15 seasons now is just remarkable because it's that type of longevity, and to be able to be up for that long a period of time". Saturday Night Live even sent up Cleveland's dumbfounding over-reliance on their star player in an unaired sketch from over the weekend.

Fans are starting to get more convinced that LeBron is the greatest player of all-time.

The program, called I Promise, made groundbreaking news three years ago when it was announced that they would spend $41M to send kids to college for free.

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