Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Fox's 'Gotham' to return for 5th Season

Fox's 'Gotham' to return for 5th Season

The final season is said to focus on Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. 411's target=new official renewal predictions had the show marked as Likely Renewed.

Gotham now has 86 episodes under its belt, and the season 4 finale will make it 87. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the pickup is for 13 episodes, though the network and producers Warner Bros.

Earlier this year, Fox Chairman Gary Newman rolled up to the Innovative TV Conference in Jerusalem to chat about the potential for Gotham to return. Season 2 hovered around 4 million viewers, Season 3 dipped to 3 million, and the most recent fourth season was stuck between 2 and 3 million viewers throughout its season, striking a new series low. Having gained a final season, fans are excited to see the show finally transform Bruce Wayne into the iconic superhero. However, the upcoming season 5 will mark the final season of the Batman prequel series.

One of the pressing issues is that networks are looking for more in-house content, especially over at FOX in light of the Disney and 20th Century FOX merger. Batman: No Man's Land is a 1999 comic series that saw the Caped Crusader trying to restore order in Gotham following the city almost being destroyed by an natural disaster. The DC Comics-inspired drama series will be back for a fifth season.

As of press time, the lone FOX scripted shows still to have their fates decided are comedies LA to Vegas and Ghosted, both of whom are alive for a possible renewal.

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