Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Langley Woman Arrested after Throwing Feces at Tim Hortons Employee

Langley Woman Arrested after Throwing Feces at Tim Hortons Employee

Eventually, the woman removes a coat that's around her waist, pulls down her trousers and defecates on the floor. It was deleted from the self-broadcasting platform a little too late as it was already widely circulated on Twitter.

A woman was arrested this week after allegedly tossing feces inside a Tim Hortons in Langley, B.C. - a shocking incident that was captured on the restaurant's surveillance camera. A woman from Canada can be filed in the latter category, after her recent antics at a local Tim Hortons revealed a downright repugnant assertion of indignation.

The woman then picks up her feces and throws it at staff.

Video of the disgusting attack has gone viral, and the woman is now under arrest.

Police were called, and officers located the woman in the parking lot, said Cpl. Well this poor guy probably takes the prize after an enraged customer defecated in a store and threw her own faeces at him. According to initial understanding of the restaurant officials, the woman seen in the video was denied washroom access based on her erratic behavior in the past.

The spokesman added that "in limited cases across the country, Restaurants have a restricted access policy for restroom to enure the well-being of our guests".

The woman was mad because the Tim Hortons employee wouldn't allow her to use the bathroom.

In a statement to Daily Hive, the company said the safety of its employees "is always a top priority for us".

Footage posted to shows a woman angrily screaming after being denied access to a restroom, The Province reports.

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