Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Yanny or Laurel? For Trump the question is not so simple

Yanny or Laurel? For Trump the question is not so simple

In a video published on the White House's official Instagram page, various members of the Trump administration and White House staff weigh in on the viral internet argument.

The White House is now weighing in on the Laurel vs. Yanny debate.

"It's Laurel, but I could deflect and divert to Yanny if you need me to", Conway said. Story recorded himself saying "Yanny" and "Laurel" for comparison.

In a video posted to Twitter, the White House staff revealed whether they were hearing "Laurel" or "Yanny". If you hadn't been introduced to the possibility of hearing "Yanny" or "Laurel" you may not have heard either of these words.

Ivanka Trump is definitely on Team Laurel, but Kellyanne "alternative facts" Conway isn't too loyal to her side.

We get that it's a joke, but come on, White House. For those who thought "the dress" debate or the "Yanny-Laurel" debates were the end, now there's the "brain storm-green needle" conundrum.

He told The Telegraph: "There are some effects where words alternate what you hear when you say them rapidly repeatedly.... but given this is only said time two, that doesn't seem like it". "Most likely the original recording was "Laurel", he said. She fires back, "Clearly you're getting your information from CNN because that's fake news". In a recent Twitter poll, 47% of people heard Yanny while 53% heard Laurel.

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