Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

‘Fortnite’ And ‘PUBG’ Are Headed To Court In A Copyright Dispute

‘Fortnite’ And ‘PUBG’ Are Headed To Court In A Copyright Dispute

There's little doubt that Fortnite's mode was designed in response to PUBG's success.

No further details are available at this time, with The Seoul Central District Court now left to determine whether or not Fortnite has plagiarised PUBG in any shape or form.

Epic Games had claimed publicly that its highly-successful battle royale shooter Fortnite was their own version of games like PUBG.

While "PUBG" popularized the current battle royale genre first, it now finds itself in "Fortnite's" considerably larger shadow.

However, analysts suggest the popularity of PUBG has waned since January, while Fortnite continues to attract more players.

"This is a measure to protect our copyrights", PUBG Corp. told Bloomberg.

One of the deciding factors in difficulty between this week's challenges and last week's are mainly that there's nothing in this week's challenges that require you to complete a certain number of objectives all during the same match. And it's hard to deny certain similarities beyond just the basic concept of 100 players forced to gather resources and fight in an ever-shrinking safe zone. This lines up with the statement that a PUBG Corp executive made back in September 2017, expressing concern that "Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known". In February, Epic Games said Fortnite had broken the world record with 3.4 million people playing at once.

The idea that a company can be sued for having the same game mode seems pretty ludicrous - imagine if id Software sued everyone that included a Deathmatch mode - but Bluehole are also alleging that Fortnite copied specific elements of PUBG's user interface and some of its items. Analysts suggest the game generates more than $200m a month.

Epic Games provides PUBG with its Unreal Engine technology, which was used to create PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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