Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

And It's Here: Kanye West's Latest Album 'Ye' Hits Spotify

And It's Here: Kanye West's Latest Album 'Ye' Hits Spotify

The rapper apparently didn't address the crowd, and Chris Rock did the honours of introducing the album: "Hip-hop is the first art form created by free black men, and no black man has taken more advantage of his freedom than Kanye West", the comedian said.

West announced a number of new projects in April, including this new solo album and a collaborative album with Kid Cudi that will be released June 8. And it's now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

Last night, May 31, Kanye West caused a social media storm for more positive reasons than he has lately. With Ye, he's erased that separation entirely-naming the album after himself and scrawling a reference to his mental health ("I hate being bi-polar, its [sic] awesome") across the cover.

The 7-song, 23-minute album is an alarm alerting that the Kanye bubble has burst.

Bobby Brown's sister wants everyone to know that she did not get paid for Kanye West using the photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom on Pusha-T's album, even though she shamefully regrets taking the photo at a "low and self-destructive" time in her life. He came out in support of Donald Trump, rocking a Make America Great Again hat which was signed by the President of the United States.

"Today I thought about killing you, premeditated murder / You'd only care enough to kill somebody you love", he continues. "And I'm just the person to do it", he told the magazine. No caller ID. [Kanye says], 'Hey, yeah, I think we should change the artwork.' And, 'I like this other artwork. "This is what they mean for better or for worse huh?" "/ That's my superpower, n***a ain't no disability / I'm a superhero, I'm a superhero".

Like with every album, Kanye leaves parts of Ye open to interpretation by his fans.

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