Published: Sat, June 02, 2018
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National Donut Day 2018: Free doughnuts and other deals happening June 1

National Donut Day 2018: Free doughnuts and other deals happening June 1

According to the company website, "five specially selected restaurants across Buffalo, New York, Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan will offer the 24k gold-covered Timbits®".

"The big seller is the honey dip". It will only be available at very select Burger King restaurants across the country.

The "doughnut" is available at select locations in NY, L.A, Miami, Boston & Salt Lake City.

Krispy Kreme: This donut chain is dishing out the donuts at zero charges.

Krispy Kreme is celebrating National Doughnut Day 2018 by giving every guest a free doughnut, no purchase necessary.

What's better than enjoying a donut fresh from a local bakery or retailer? Customers will receive a free order of donut holes with any online pizza purchase on June 1, and the dessert will remain on the menu for a limited time after that.

Walmart: The retail giant says it's giving away as much as 1.2 million free doughnuts to customers at all stores nationwide today.

While food holidays have exploded in popularity in recent years and now dominate the American calendar, National Donut Day has a longer history than most other culinary celebrations.

Giant Eagle: A dozen donuts for just $3.99.

Serving the Lehigh Valley since 1959, Mary Ann Donut Kitchen serves everything from donuts and crullers to sticky buns, bear paws and more. Otherwise things might get ugly when you show up tomorrow smelling like freshly baked donuts. Let us know about any deals you find on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed using #BeOn12.

Also be sure to check out Emmaus Bakery at 415 Chestnut Street in Emmaus, or stop by the Easton Baking 34 N 7th Street in Easton.

The debate rages - is it donut or doughnut? On Friday, you can get one for free! WHOA! Even chains that don't normally sell donuts are getting in on the deal! Now, that's a sweet deal.

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