Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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Hurricane season begins, people urged to prepare | Don't Miss This

Hurricane season begins, people urged to prepare | Don't Miss This

"There is a general interest in knowing what the odds are for an active or inactive season".

The half-yearlong Atlantic hurricane season in 2018 started Friday with forecasters expecting wild storms to happen as frequently as a year ago.

"If a storm comes, we are screwed, our homes are not yet ready", said Cindy, a waitress 48-year-old who lives in one of the islands.

The Colorado State forecast calls for a total of 13 named storms, which means tropical storms or hurricanes.

The busy 2017 season yielded 17 named storms, of which 10 became hurricanes, with six reaching major storm status.

Previous year there were 17 named storms, including Harvey, Irma and Maria - which devastated the US mainland and Puerto Rico. Cumberland County has seen two strikes during this time. Hurricane Irma ripped across the state last September and was blamed for 84 deaths in Florida, as well as over $8.6 billion in property damage. Remember, hurricanes like warmer water. The cooler water, in turn, keeps the winds high. We always want to do better.

"What is the No. 1 question everyone wants answered with these forecasts?"

Bill Read, former director for the National Hurricane Center admits this year has him stressed. "What is the No. 1 question that doesn't get answered?"

"I get a lot of applicants, not anyone from this area. The technology doesn't exist for that kind of forecast". This is why preparedness is important says the Chief Meteorologist at the National Meteorological Service of Belize, Catherine Cumberbatch.

Two seasons, 1992 and 2010, are often referenced. It is less than six years since Hurricane Sandy crippled much of the Northeast. Experts say the number of projected storms is really irrelevant. By knowing one's zone before a storm approaches, residents can be prepared when the evacuation order is given. A AAA study released Thursday shows that United States citizens along the coast are heeding prep warnings.

Servicers are concerned about hurricanes' effect on homes because they are responsible for ensuring collateral is repaired in the wake of storms, and flood-damage is particularly nettlesome because it requires specialized insurance coverage. El Niño tends to increase upper-level westerly winds across the Caribbean into the tropical Atlantic, tearing apart hurricanes as they try to form.

Hurricane season officially ends November 30. NOAA states that the current activity began in 1995.

This outlook is a general guide to the overall seasonal hurricane activity in the central Pacific basin and does not predict whether or how many of these systems will affect Hawaii.

Global Weather Oscillations Inc.

Infrared satellite image of Hurricane Harvey on August 25, 2017. And in case you're wondering, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane when its sustained wind speed goes above 74 miles per hour. It relies on weather cycles.

Even if facilities have complied with the new emergency power rules, they could be waiting long into hurricane season for physical checks on their generators. It drifted west then north through the Gulf of Mexico, making landfall in the Florida Panhandle. Dilley said there was a very active hurricane period from 1871-1901 and again from 1931-1951.

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