Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

India committed to cut 35% carbon emission by 2030: PM Modi

India committed to cut 35% carbon emission by 2030: PM Modi

Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's achievements in the field of environment, he said that the global community believes that India will achieve its pre-2020 or COP21 targets before time.

The issue of plastic pollution in the world's oceans has soared up the agenda following the BBC's Blue Planet II and campaigns by many organisations, with two-thirds of people (67%) more concerned than a year ago, the poll found. India has set an example in beating plastic pollution at the world stage by showcasing best practices and innovations, he told PTI.

Talking about the reasons why India was chosen to host the World Environment Day celebrations, Solheim said it was because of the "shared approach" that the country follows to deal with its environment problems.

"Our world is swamped by harmful plastic waste", UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a speech.

He urged people to avoid consumption of single-use disposable plastics.

An event dedicated to "Beat Plastic Pollution" is buzzing in the streets of Bandra at Mumbai.

Elisa Tonda, who leads UN Environment's Sustainable Lifestyle programme, said more than 60 countries had bans or charges on single-use plastics such as bags or polystyrene containers.

Gujarat's minister of state for environment reportedly opposes the ban on plastic as most industries that depend on it operate from his assembly constituency of Halol.

Also, many people are promoting the use of cloth bags over plasting and also by planting trees.

The presentation by Nubi revealed that UNILAG generates an average of 2.5 tons of plastic waste per day and a huge volume of 840 tons per year.

A Roadmap for Sustainability, said while government regulation on the use of plastic has made some impact on reducing waste, it is not enough, and more urgent action is needed.

"Every action counts as we seek to protect and preserve our environment".

Every year over 64,000 tonnes of plastic food packaging and plastic bottles is sent to landfill in Scotland, costing £11 million each year.

The association said levies and taxes should be imposed on producers and consumers of single-use plastics such as plastic shopping bags.

He also pointed out that plastic pollution was now entering into the food chain and micro plastics had even entered basic things such as salt, bottled water and tap water.

In conjunction with the Day, UN Environment (UNEP), on Monday, launched the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), also known as the Renewables 2018 Global Status Report.

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