Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Ford's Conservatives win Ontario election on populist platform

Ford's Conservatives win Ontario election on populist platform

"I like it, I like being able to come in here and drop it off and go finish taking care of my business", Hamilton said. In total, the party received 13 per cent of the popular vote. "Now we wait for Premier Ford to prove that he is a man of his word", added Gunnarson. "This election outcome addresses a number of key concerns in the business sector - a pause in minimum wage increases; a number of measures to address energy costs, most significantly scrapping the cap-and-trade program; and tax rate reductions", said Robert Kavcic, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp projected that Ford's party would win the majority of seats in the provincial legislature, giving Ford broad powers to pass legislation. Ford's party will win the majority of seats in the province of Ontario's legislature, ending 15 years of Liberal rule and giving him broad powers to pass legislation, the networks forecast. Wynne was re-elected after a tight battle for her riding of Don Valley West, but she did announce her resignation as the leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Led by Andrea Horwath, the NDP earned 34% of the vote. "A new day has dawned in Ontario - a day of opportunity, a day of prosperity and a day of growth", Ford told a jubilant crowd cheering his victory.

Ford will now lead Ontario, a province that is home to almost a third of Canada's 36 million residents as well as much of the country's financial and manufacturing sectors.

Tanya Granic Allen, president of Parents As First Educators, also lauded the Conservative victory.

"Obviously it was a hard night for us", she said of the Liberal loss.

Horwath easily ran her best campaign with a well-organized agenda, clever and effective ads, and she at the centre with her now trademark accessible charm.

The premier-designate said Friday that he planned to live up to his pledges, including to repeal the Liberals' updated sex-ed curriculum.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now faces his polar-opposite nightmare leading the nation's second largest government.

"The NDP has been flogging their carbon tax now for the past two years, spending, I think, $9 million tax dollars promoting it to Albertans", Kenney said.

"People are really getting the hang of this vote-by-mail system", said Sacramento County's Interim Registrar of Voters Alice Jarboe. In the 2014 election, 173,072 votes were reported from 1,388 schools.

The election campaign was supposed to be a contest that pitted fresh-faced PC leader Patrick Brown against two female leaders in do-or-die campaigns. Wynne, who reached retirement age of 65 last month, was upbeat despite her party's defeat.

"Knowing where Kathleen Wynne was polling, they should have pulled her out of the public eye, they shouldn't have had her so front and centre, they should have featured other candidates and their policies and let her speak in the debates where she's strong", she said. Wynne, 65, stepped down as party leader.

Campaign Life green-lighted Nallaratnam as pro-life, and gave Kieran an "educable" rating, which indicates candidates are "open to be educated on life and family issues, and have some values that are shared with those of CLC", he said.

The Green Party was the other big victor Thursday night, gaining its first seat in the legislature as Leader Mike Schreiner handily won in Guelph.

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