Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Romero misses weight for UFC 225 main event

Romero misses weight for UFC 225 main event

The Rockhold fight was supposed to be for the UFC interim middleweight championship. "Chaos" won the fight largely by outdoing dos Anjos at his own game: employing a relentless, hyper-aggressive wrestling attack against the fence in all five rounds, never appearing to allow "RDA" space or time to breathe. His bout with Robert Whittaker will now be a non-title match.

The card, which is one of the most stacked the promotion has had in some time if all goes off according to plan (that is, everyone makes weight) takes place at United Center in Chicago.

Whittaker has landed at least one knockdown in six of his 12 career UFC fights, while Romero has had at least one in six of his 11 starts in UFC and Strikeforce.

Renowned for producing explosive moments after being seemingly passive, Romero did just that in the third to change the momentum of the fight.

Check below for the top Twitter reactions to Whittaker's title defense against Romero at UFC 225.

The third round was brutal as Romero clocked Whittaker before the Australian fought back hard and connected with an elbow. Jackson peppered Punk (0-2) with punches to the face throughout the fight and won in a lacklustre unanimous decision.

Regardless of the minor amount of weight, or what really happened backstage between the Illinois Athletic Commission, Romero, his team and the UFC, this is inexcusable.

I'm hesitant to throw fighters under the bus for missing weight. But the truth is that weight cutting is unsafe and archaic and should be banished from the sport sooner than later. The whole notion of cutting 30-40 pounds just so you can have a size advantage over your opponent is ludicrous.

But it's the system we have now, and most fighters are able to operate in it. Judging by recent history, Romero has difficulty with the concept.

With UFC president Dana White taking a tough-love approach as of late, it could be to the back of the list for Romero no matter what. Or you take a point.

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