Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

Pixel 3 XL Prototype Reveals Updated Design And Notch

Pixel 3 XL Prototype Reveals Updated Design And Notch

The photos were posted online by XDA member meraz9000 and they are the first live images of the Pixel 3 XL. Furthermore, Phone Designer, known for its renders based on leaks, has made fresh ones based on these latest images as well. Dual rear cameras have become the bread and butter of the industry and, while most implementations are mostly useless, one would expect Pixel 3 to sport one such setup. Perhaps one of the more common pieces of information is that the upcoming and unannounced Pixel 3 XL would proudly incorporate a notch into its front display.

As ugly as it is to some, the notch has some small benefit for screen real estate, moving notification icons up near the front camera and out of the way. The fingerprint scanner is also seen at the back. At the same time, a phone with a glass back doesn't mean it'll come with wireless charging.

Check out that logo at the bottom of the phone. The next-generation Pixel phone also has an all-glass back, so it's likely we'll get wireless charging support as well - so far OnePlus is the only company that switched to an all-glass back for no good reason at all. But hey, all the pieces of the puzzle are here and we can only hope that Google decides to bring back the convenience feature. The sides harbor the power button, volume buttons, and the sim slot. The codename "crosshatch" is also spotted on the display, lending weight to its legitimacy. Like on Pixel 2, Google plans to use software optimisation to achieve "Bokeh" effect and sharper zoom on Pixel 3 devices, which will compete with the likes of Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 series. And if this is actually an early prototype of the phone, it's possible the final product could end up looking very different. Hence, we recommend you to take these leaks lightly for now. The front is a pretty dead-on match for that screen protector leak, and the rear definitely looks like a subtle evolution of the existing phone's design. You can see the render images below.

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