Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Tech | By Anita Cain

You can now download iOS 12… but should you?

You can now download iOS 12… but should you?

If you really can't wait for the autumn and can't wait for the public beta, you can still download iOS 12, even if you're not an app developer.

The addition of these features was previously leaked by Bloomberg, but the details on how they worked wasn't yet known. Several rumors have pointed towards an iPad running iOS 12 releasing in the near future that will see Face ID included that will allow Apple to remove the Home button just like it did with the iPhone X. Allowing multiple users to register their face on an iPad makes flawless sense as the iPad tends to be shared between multiple users or even in an educational environment. You will find that once this update is complete, it will look just like the App Store you see on your iOS device. Looking at the editorial content, you will see the games and apps that are the most popular in the Mac App Store right now.

Siri can also prompt you to turn notifications off entirely or just delivery them quietly.

Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets have had this feature for years.

Do you want to allow "" to use cookies and website data while browsing ""?

This new feature allows up to 32 people to be part of a video chat at the same time. Even if the new autofill option in Safari is a pain to use in practice, the browser will still help your privacy, as it will, for example, warn you when you use one and the same password for multiple services, and offer to augment it. This full activity report will show you how much time your spending on your device and in apps, and how that breaks down per day.

And another feature lets you set time limits for apps that take up your idle time, which you'd like to be more thoughtful about, in terms of your usage.

The 31 new countries Apple will launch the software in this summer include Bulgaria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru.

New features help protect users' anonymity online. Parents will be able to set app allowances for their children.

These apps might have the same overall feel as their mobile counterparts but key user interactions will have to be updated for the desktop environment.

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